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Largest iPhone Factory Hires 100K Employees after Lockdown Scare

Apple iPhone 14 production slowdown from the Foxconn manufacturing plant in China continues. A high percentage of workers fled the world’s largest iPhone factory as soon as the lockdown went into effect. Reports state that the site, only weeks ago, that Foxconn looked like an abandoned center piled high with workers’ belongings as the government […] read more

There is Nobody Coming on a White Horse to Save the Day

QUESTION: Marty, this was my first WEC. I had already met so many people and made friendships that the trip alone was worth it. I also found it interesting that you said nobody is coming in on a white horse from the Republican Party to save us. That struck me for you are really middle-of-the-road […] read more

Why All Elections Are Rigged

  QUESTION: Do you think the midterm elections were rigged? SK ANSWER: Under normal conditions, one would have to answer that question as – OF COURSE. In the past five midterm elections, the Republicans gained control of the Senate in 2014, the House in 2010, and the Senate in 2002. The Democrats gained both the […] read more

The “Anyone But Trump” Mentality

2023 – The coming Year of Chaos

QUESTION: Marty, It was a fantastic WEC. You tied it all together brilliantly and how the real issue is this liquidity crisis. Suddenly the ECB came out and said that inflation will not subside given a recession. It appears they were watching the WEC. Do you think that the ECB is at least listening now? […] read more

PRIVATE BLOG – GBP Disappointment Ahead (Pro)

PRIVATE BLOG – GBP Disappointment Ahead (Pro) Private blog posts are exclusively available to Socrates subscribers. To sign-up for Socrates or to learn more, please visit read more

Market Talk – November 18, 2022

ASIA:   The major Asian stock markets had a mixed day today: NIKKEI 225 decreased 30.80 points or -0.11% to 27,899.77 Shanghai decreased 18.19 points or -0.58% to 3,097.24 Hang Seng decreased 53.12 points or -0.29% to 17,992.54 Kospi increased 1.58 points or 0.06% to 2,444.48 ASX 200 increased 16.10 points or 0.23% to 7,151.80 […] read more

Democrats Lied About Abortion Just to Win

Dick Armey is the former House Majority Leader and an Economist from Texas. He was elected to Congress in 1984,and arrived in Washington as a novice. Dick, being an economist, was a strong believer in the policies of Ronald Reagan. He was a staunch supporter of his policies, which were revolutionary for Washington. Because of […] read more

President Xi Scolds Trudeau for G20 Media Leak

NEW – Xi to Trudeau at G20: Everything discussed yesterday "has been leaked to the paper(s), that’s not appropriate" and "that’s not the way the conversation was conducted." — (@disclosetv) November 16, 2022 The fear on Trudeau’s face is priceless. Everyone knows Justin Trudeau loves the spotlight. He is merely a celebrity like Zelensky. […] read more

Article 5 Against Ukraine?

COMMENT: Ukraine attacked Poland. Does this not make Ukraine an enemy now since they struck  a nato country? REPLY: That would certainly be a plot twist. It would never happen since the agenda is to go to war with Russia. Zelensky did not immediately apologize to Poland for killing two Polish citizens, as he was […] read more